Made for the fall exhibition at charlottenborg kunsthal 2003

A collaboration with ceramic Marianne Nielsen.

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Based on the establishment of the Western culture by European settlers, the idea was to illustrate how new forms and patterns can be created by mirroring traditional and familiar structures. The structures are drawn from systems of interior organization and objects that indicate a community culture and possess an iconic value.

Apartment plans form the basic element in the motif, as a way of showing how we live. At the same time they symbolise a private domain, a modern way of conquering land.

The piece consists of three connected artworks executed in three different techniques – all hand-made. They are constructed by 2 x 2 cm squares, a pixillation effect, chosen to couple computer culture with the craft. From a distance the piece looks like a computer print, but close up one discovers the craftsmanship.

Thanks to the cheeks which helped sewing the patchwork part.

20 AVE B #3
cardboard, ink, cotton, thread, nelon and wood
272 x 425 cm
Drawing, patchwork and simple weaving

all ceramic objects by Marianne Nielsen