christmas tree Ratzer has been invited this year to make the christmas collection for the Design Museum Denmark and to decorate the christmas tree at the foyer. The design objects is specific made for this event. Some of the items

private hallway

valby made for a private home hallway 2014 cotton, wool and linen 3 pieces 1,5 x 1,8 meters simple weave


made for KAB, sluseholmen 2014 a commission work for the commom local sea 2014 textile and thread on frames 2 x 120/150 cm 1 x 200/120 cm simple weave wallhanging

holbaek courthouse / courtroom

2012 paint courtroom painting holbaek courthouse architect arkitema  

ramification of geranium / holbaek courthouse

2012 paint three corridors painting holbaek courthouse architect Arkitema photographer thomas juul  

plain twill satin

made for the biennale for crafts and art 2007


curtains for the dining room at skals


The Biennale for Craft and Design 2004 Blossoming connects traditional craftsmanship with modern computer technology in a strict, pixelated floral motif inspired by American Amish quilts. In this work Ratzer connects the simple pattern of plain textiles in the Amish

20 AVE B #3

Made for the fall exhibition at charlottenborg kunsthal 2003 A collaboration with ceramic Marianne Nielsen.

danish design centre

Danish Design Centre