workshop at heartwork in connection with the design indaba in cape town ratzer held a workshop with the embroidery women from heartworks based on putting their mindset free to think and work in new directions freestyle embroidery 2016 basotho wool


patchwork mobile untitle 2014 cotton, linen, cardboard, willow branch 0,75 diameter handsewn patchwork



single rya

rya as single pieces rya 2014 cotton, viscose and wood 0,9 x 2,2 meters each simple weave available at kitub    

statuette OFF

Made for OFF odense international film festival. A collaboration with artist Martine Myrup.

Disco Flower

made for the avantGarden group show at Box, Lynfabrikken 2009

the port

On a day in September of 2013 an ordinary, slightly ramshackled harbor building in Aarhus was transformed into an exhibition space and the physical location of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Tina Ratzer, ceramist Louise Gaarmann, architect Mika Katarina Friis and

+ + + + +

Made for the Biennale for crafts and design. A collaboration with artist Martine Myrup.


Product-related objects where the weaving step into such a character that it almost dissolves again. The tea towels are made ​​of 3 cm wide strips of fabric. The color scheme is white and cobalt blue, resembling the classic chefs kitchen


In this large wall-­hanging experiment, traditional crafts, weaving techniques and processes are re-interpreted: a simple wooden frame, together with long, yellow fabric leashes shape the core of the home-build loom.