The arts literally sprout in the newly built Holbaek Courthouse with Ratzer’s 9×9 meters large textile artwork. Plain and patterned fabric strips are woven directly onto the wall by hand, as an enlarged pictorial weaving.
It forms a giant, pixellated flower that winds its way up the staircase wall in a welcoming gesture to open up the courthouse to visitors.

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The giant flower blends itself into the architecture, but adds a touch of warmth and homeliness to the formal building with its tactility and its patchwork-like expression. Colors and materials are used to induce a well-being atmosphere by making the room appear lighter, “homely” and safe.

cotton, wool and linen
9 x 9 metre (81 m2)
simple weave

holbaek courthouse
architect arkitema

photographer thomas juul

Thanks to kvadrat for sponsoring the fabric

Thanks to danish art workshops for recidency during the process