On a day in September of 2013 an ordinary, slightly ramshackled harbor building in Aarhus was transformed into an exhibition space and the physical location of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Tina Ratzer, ceramist Louise Gaarmann, architect Mika Katarina Friis and author Hanne Højgaard Viemose.


The “Port” being the theme of the exhibition, it of new works with direct references to sailor uniforms, sails, wooden planks and rope reinterpreted through textile and clay pieces, a poem as well as parts from a bygone shipwreck from the western part of Jutland.

Ratzer’s contribution to the exhibition was a huge, rather feminine, corner piece resembling a ship sail installed directly on the bare concrete walls. In addition, she showed one meticulously executed five-sided, hand-made fixtures hung from the ceiling, creating a sort of floating flower lifesaver in neon colors and sailor stripes and had a laced, raw rope of beautiful residual textiles hung on the coarse outer wall – invited visitors inside.


textile, cardboard and thread
80 x 80 cm

textile and wood
180 x 200 cm

100% cotton
4 x 1000 cm
turned rope