The biennale for craft and design 2004
Trapholt, Denmark
secondhand textile, carton, and thread
276 x 234 cm
handsewn patchwork and simple weaving

blossoming combines traditional craftsmanship with modern computer technology in a strict, pixelated floral motif and inspired by the American amish quilts. in this work, ratzer connects the solid-colored fabrics of the amish and their austerity and simplicity with her own fascination with floral fabrics and graphic simplicity.

the work consists of three connected images that are made by hand in two different techniques, patchwork and simple weaving. the images are constructed of 3 x 3 cm small squares that create a pixelation effect. from a distance, the work ressembles a pixelated computer print but close up the tactile craftsmanship steps forward.

in the making of the work ratzer gathered 14 friends and acquaintances to a social event, very similar to the amish people’s quilting bees where everyone works together on a common quilting project. the process thus becomes an important layer in the finished work.

Thanks to the 14 assistants who made this craftmanship possible

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