mr. craftsman

london design festival 2012
aros 2011
kic Aarhus 2011
the crafts and design biennale 2011

in collaboration with ceramist Louise Gaarmann.

text by henriette noermark andersen
“In the collaboration “ratzer meets gaarmann” tina ratzer and ceramist louise gaarmann forge textile and ceramic in a strong and continuous cross-media collaboration, encouraging a joint creativity. manifested in the quaint tribal character, mr. craftsman, the duo questions the prevailing way of thinking and creating crafts thereby commenting on the conventional exhibition form.
mr. craftman is a wandering experiment, wrapped in a blanket and wearing necklaces, bracelets and numerous of flashy clay objects rattling down the body. he becomes the personification of ratzer and gaarmann’s common practice in a
sort of wonderful, whimsical way. their joint innovative endeavor in performance and installation art is moreover exemplified through their membership in the interdisciplinary exhibition community, avant Garden. together with designers lisa grue and meyer & lavigne, they combine textile, ceramics and graphic design. the quintet opens up a window into their processes, which they deem just as relevant and interesting as the end result.
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