throw 1998-2007
100% bio wool
140 x 200 cm
100 x 140 cm
dobble woven

a sustainable product that is a cross between image and textile. the two sides of the blanket form endless combinations of images when the blanket is opened out or folded up. the soft and slightly matted appearance of the blanket is due to its having been woven and then milled.

the blankets were weaved in a small factory in denmark. made of 100% certified biodynamic merino wool, dyed by vin, germany, which means the soaps, the spinning oils and the dyes used are bio-degradable. the wool is not superwashed and no moth repellents are used. the sewing thread is 100% cotton, the tag is 100% polyester, both eco-textstandard 100.

these products are not in production any more.

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