twist a twill
for silkeborg-uld

throw 2008
100% pure new merinowool
130 x 190 cm
jaquard weave

“the twist collection for silkeborg-uld springs from the classic woven plaid, which is often woven in twill.
the thread skips over several threads before going under to tie the weave and that in a staggered course that forms the oblique line in the expression, like the oblique lines in your jeans.
by this weaving a softness and elasticity arises in the woven piece of fabric, which lends itself well to a throw.
I have let this oblique line be the inspiration for my pattern for twist a twill”

twist a twill is one of four throw designs made for silkeborg-uld in the twist line. besides twist a twill there are focus on twill, straight twill & harlequin.

photographs by ratzer

for information about sale and retail please contact silkeborg-uld

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