krans no2

dkr 750

one off a kind
the print will be signed

paper and paint
handprintet serigraphy

The motif for wreath was originally a single blue print and made for the exhibition district six commemorative print exchange portfolio project – cape town south africa oct 2016, where 50 artists were invited to participate with a handprint each. For this, Tina Ratzer designed and printed the motif wreath.
The exhibition in Cape Town is, among other things, helping to mark the 50th anniversary of the District Six area of Cape Town, which, under apartheid rule back in 1966, was declared a white area, with more than 60,000 people being relocated to the Cape Town hinterland and their homes being razed to the ground. The District Six Museum was built after the end of apartheid in 1994 and today tells the story of District Six.

The print has the same motif as the Cape Town exhibition, but in a different colour or as a double or triple print.


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