come again 2.0
copenhagen cable park 2021
3 days of design

naturel dyed wool, silk, linen and cotton
140 x 540 cm
simple weave

reeds can be used for natural dye. the flower is dark purple, but the coloration turns green or bright yellow-green. the weaving for reeds is simple and the material easy as a dialogue with the shape and movement of the reeds in the wind. the  location has been my starting point for the artpiece and the work hangs over the reeds i harvested in august for the dyeing of the textiles.

come again 2.0 is a group show  others:
george william bell, katrine borup, rasmus fenhann, line frank, janne k. hansen, lotte myrthue, martine myrup, anne fabricius møller, annelie grimwade olofsson, camilla prasch, mette saabye,
helen clara hemsley and helle vibeke jensen.

come again 2.0 was a following up show after the exhibition come again in year 2020

curated by helen clare hemsley and helle vibeke jensen

harvesting movie by helle vibeke jensen

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