among trees

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among trees focuses on the climate and the growing interest in getting close to the nature.

together with artist Tina Ratzer, 740 have created the large joint work “among trees”, which will be exhibited in the public space in week 34 and afterwards at Trapholt.

among trees will be a huge art installation in the form of an artificial forest that you can enter and stay in.
the forests many leaves are quilted by the project participants. 
each participant contributes a quilted block in which the motif is a leaf.
participants decide which individual leaf they want to bring to the forest and are invited by handover to tell about the background and history of their choice of leaf.

the triangles areas partyweek 27. august – 5. september 2021
and at trapholt 20. november – 20. marts 2022 

the project is supported by the region south of denmark culture pool and the triangle areas partyweek.

the triangles areas partyweek

the danish art museum trapholt

textile sponsored by kvadrat textile

thanks to danish art workshops for recidency during the process

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