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artmuseum trapholt 2021
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tina ratzer – tæt på træer

during the corona shutdown in the first months of 2021, 740 citizens along with textile artist tina ratzer and trapholt created the art installation among the trees.

among the trees has the shape of an artificial forest that you can walk into. the many leaves of the forest are sewn in patchwork by the project participants. each participant has contributed a patchworked leaf from a tree that means something to them. the project thematizes the love of nature and the need to take care of the climate. the hope is that the closer we get to nature, the more we will take care of it. among the trees is based on the danes’ growing interest in nature during the corona crisis and the need for new communities.

the exhibition traveled around and was exhibited in three cities during the triangle area festival week; in vejle in the spinning halls, in fredericia in the health center, and haderslev in the town hall before it was exhibited at trapholt from 21 november 2021.

the project has been realized in collaboration with the triangle area’s festival week, the triangle area’s nature guides, schools and libraries, the danish patchwork association, and local creative associations. the project is supported by the region south of denmark’s culture pool and the triangle area’s festive week. square has sponsored fabric.

the triangles areas partyweek 27. august – 5. september 2021
and at trapholt 20. november – 09. nov 2022 

the project is supported by the region south of denmark culture pool and the triangle areas partyweek.

the triangles areas partyweek

the danish art museum trapholt

textile sponsored by kvadrat textile

thanks to danish art workshops for recidency during the process

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