open call:
art with and for the citizens of brøndby strand
2nd place in competition

studio beat weaving

do you also feel the rhythm?

concrete elements and window frames, floor on floor, vertical and horizontal lines – rhythmic repetitions that form patterns as if it were a weaving.
we see the place as woven textile, where the pattern is changing.

what if brøndby strand is a giant loom – converting the energy released from the demolition of the 5 high-rise buildings
– that cultivates the surrounding land – that builds spaces for new encounters and that provides a framework for artistic processes?

can we weave a new pattern for brøndby strand – interweaving demolition with construction and giving residents the tools to shape their future city?

studio weaving beat is a living workshop from which we can follow the transformation of the area on a daily basis and where we can meet and collaborate with the residents.

Our intention is to give the residents of brøndby strand a tool to express themselves artistically.
we want the residents to have the opportunity to shape and take ownership of the development of their neighbourhood.


a collabolation with architect gudrun krabbe

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