artist in residence at 3.a at bakkeskolen

the magic of colors 2022

we immersed ourselves in the leaves from the school yard trees, how do you mix a black green, pale yellow or pink red? we learned to mix the exact color from the 3 primary colors red, yellow and blue and created a palette of the colors of the leaves. after this we painted up sheets which we used for color exercises, where the combination of well-liked and less-loved colors could create new connections.

we created our own colors from nature’s pigments. we picked fresh pine cones and birch leaves, which we boiled into dye baths. we then dyed our woolen yarn and it has a scent or smells – depending on taste – to the great laugh of many. we used the yarn to embroider works with.

we boiled blackberries for coloring ink. we tweaked the ph value with baking soda and vinegar, and in that way got a larger color spectrum with which we painted works.

we talked about colors, we put words to our colors and wrote haiko poems based on them.

the home arts course took place over 4 weeks with two teaching days per week.


supported by
danish art foundation

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