dansk design center 2004
cotton, polyester and nylon
7,5 × 14,5 m
simple weave 

dansk literally weaves into the danish design centre. the site-specific work is inspired by the architectural lines of the space and forms a giant, pixelated arrow in interaction with the staircase that leads the visitors up and into the exhibition facilities on the 1st floor.

like a giant, pictorial weaving, the work consists of 10 cm wide lengths of textile that are woven directly onto the large wall, one by one. horizontal and vertical lanes intertwine from floor to roof in abstract formations that emphasize the room’s diagonal and dynamic stairs.

the colour palette ranges from bright red over purple to yellow tones in an interpretation of the colours of the danish flag and aims at endowing a touch of warmth and presence to the rigorous architecture of the space. from a distance dansk may resemble a kind of pixel palette in a high-tech look, but if you get close the expression is softened by the raw tactility of the torn lanes.

the work was part of a refurbishment of the danish design centre’s café, where several designers were invited to interpret the concept “danish”. thereby, ddc wanted to encourage visitors to consider the options of the design concept. other designers were remove, claydies and ingrid unsöld.

architect henning larsen

thanks to kvadrat for sponsoring the fabric

thanks to danish art workshops for recidency during the process.

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