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€ 35

all teddies are unique

teddies for the little ones made out of the eco remnants from ratzer’s sustainable woolblankets 
tracks. big remnants become the teddy; small ones make the filling. this means that none of our fabric is wasted and our production becomes even more sustainable. every teddy is unique – made by ratzer.

made of 100% certified biodynamic merino wool, dyed by IVN, germany, which means the soaps, the spinning oils and the dyes used are bio-degradable. the wool is not superwashed and no moth repellents are used. the sewing thread is 100% cotton, the tag is 100% polyester, both eco-textstandard 100.

for all inquiries please fell free to contact ratzer.

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If you want to order or have any questions related to this item, please do not hesitate to contact me.