plant magic on sorcery path
may 2023 – may 2024

kolding municipality, the trapholt museum of modern art and design and artist tina ratzer have teamet up to create a unique art experience for all citizens. the project inviteted local citizens to participate in a number of activities along the sorcery path.

In the cource of a year, 3 installations on the path have marked the process along the way in the form of sun_shelve, flag_field and plant_portaits – an experience for all citizens.

tina ratzer and the project’s participants have collected a total of 57 different plant species on the sorcery path for natural dyeing of silk and wool using the sun’s rays and without electricity – solar dyeing. for several months, 2 by 72 glass have adorned tina ratzers specially designed sun_shelve where citizens have been able to follow the magical process of extracting the plant´s pigment that has slowly and for a month colored the textile in the glass. From the plant-dyed textiles tina ratzer and the participants have sewn flags that marked the colours from nature at the installation flag_field, one at sorcery path and one at the trapholt museum of modern art and design. in the end, all the textiles are collected into an art cloth, which is inaugurated with a joint picninc on the sorcery trail as the end of the project.

thank you to all the citizens who have been curious and participated in the project and thank you to everyone from soja who has helped to build sun_shelve and made the plant_portraits.

read more about the sorcery path – an acttractive nature offer for all citizens – including those with special physical or mental needs.

also follow the project on instagram

surported by

kolding kommune
statens kunstfond
soja; which is kolding municipality´s protected employment and activity and learning offer for people with reduced physical and/or mental functioning has been a partner in the entire project.

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