6705 + danish art foundation

2019 –  in proces

the 6705 + danish art foundation is a citizen-involving art project with a focus on process, which aims to create a common artwork for the area at stengaardsvej in esbjerg city.

based on joint walks in the area, Tina Ratzer encouraged the residents of the area, children, the youth as the elderly, to select colors from their public areas, such as facades, playgrounds and sidewalk, for a common design process on the drawing board in the local KKFO and on the local space for elders called the mosaic.

tina ratzer hold several color workshops where citizens have learned to mix their selected colors based on the 3 primary colors; red, yellow and blue and in interplay with simple shapes from the apartment blocks, the swings on the playground and the windmills on the harbor in the city, colors and shapes are fused into a artworks that pave the way for the final artwork for the area, an artwork of light on a public gable. expected to be published by the end of 2021.

“Through color workshops I use myself as a tool to create presence and trust. I involve the citizens, the children, the youth as the elderly people in the area I work to take part and co-ownership in the design process and together we develop one-of-a-kind decorations for their area.”

photographer torben meyer og tina ratzer

a collabolation between Esbjerg kommune, the danish art foundation and tina ratzer

supported by

danish art foundation
Esbjerg kommune

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