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disco flower disco flower2009textile, carboard and threadh115/50/d70 cmpatchworkhanging turning object the avantGarden group show at box, lynfabrikken 2009 louise gaarmann, lisa grue, pi bjørg, kristine amsler, else-rikke bruun, susan liebe and the duo meyer-lavigne.

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+ + + + + the biennale for crafts and design 2013handwoven cotton, thread and carboard15 x 25 cm & 15 x 30 cmhandsewn patchwork a collaboration with artist martine myrup. an exchange of letters across the atlantic from denmark to canada with a reflective educational impact. the two makers have used each other’s textiles

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Mr Craftsman

mr. craftsman london design festival 2012aros 2011kic Aarhus 2011the crafts and design biennale 2011 in collaboration with ceramist Louise Gaarmann. text by henriette noermark andersen“In the collaboration “ratzer meets gaarmann” tina ratzer and ceramist louise gaarmann forge textile and ceramic in a strong and continuous cross-media collaboration, encouraging a joint creativity. manifested in the quaint

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the port lifesaver 2013textile, cardboard and thread80 x 80 cmpatchwork sail 2013textile and wood180 x 200 cmapplication rope 2013100% cotton4 x 1000 cmturned rope on a day in september of 2013 an ordinary, slightly ramshackled harbor building in aarhus was transformed into an exhibition space and the physical location of an interdisciplinary collaboration between ratzer, ceramist louise gaarmann,

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rya 2104 in this large wall-­hanging experiment, traditional crafts, weaving techniques and processes are re-interpreted: a simple wooden frame, together with long, yellow fabric leashes shape the core of the home-build loom. with inverted knots and simplistic approaches, ratzer has created a piece that is constantly changing depending on use, space and placement. rya can

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