tagrør come again 2.0 copenhagen cable park 20213 days of design   naturindfarvet uld, silke, hør og bomuld140 x 540 cmvæv/flet tagrør kan anvendes til plantefarvning. blomsten er mørk lilla, men indfarvningen bliver grøn eller skarp gulgrøn. vævningen er simpel og let i en dialog med tagrørs form og bevægelighed i vinden. selve stedet har […]

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focus on twill

focus on twill for silkeborg-uld throw 2012 100% pure new merinowool 130 x 190 cm jaquard weave the twist collection for silkeborg-uld springs from the classic woven plaid, which is often woven in twill. the thread skips over several threads before going under to tie the weave and that in a staggered course that forms

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blossoming The biennale for craft and design 2004Trapholt, Denmarksecondhand textile, carton, and thread276 x 234 cmhandsewn patchwork and simple weaving blossoming combines traditional craftsmanship with modern computer technology in a strict, pixelated floral motif and inspired by the American amish quilts. in this work, ratzer connects the solid-colored fabrics of the amish and their austerity

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natural dye

natural dye 2020 –wool, linen and cottonplants the process of natural dye from plants is a gift, straightforward and quite magical. Ratzer collects plants in the areas where she works; she is curious about what colors and shades the plants provide in order to expand her knowledge and vision of color.currently, ratzer has a studio

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close to trees

among the trees artmuseum trapholt 2021facebook tæt på træertina ratzer – tæt på træer during the corona shutdown in the first months of 2021, 740 citizens along with textile artist tina ratzer and trapholt created the art installation among the trees. among the trees has the shape of an artificial forest that you can walk

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statuette off

oscar statuette2013textile, carboard and thread20 x 45 cmhandsewn patchwork made for OFF odense international film festival. a collaboration with artist martine myrup. among 11 others we were invited by dina vejling to make a statuette for the winner of the best danish short film in 2014. the statuettes were exhibited in august 2013

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disco flower disco flower2009textile, carboard and threadh115/50/d70 cmpatchworkhanging turning object the avantGarden group show at box, lynfabrikken 2009 louise gaarmann, lisa grue, pi bjørg, kristine amsler, else-rikke bruun, susan liebe and the duo meyer-lavigne.

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flags 3daysofdesign 2015polyester100 x 180 cmsimple weave 3 flags for the copenhagen based festival 3daysofdesign. the flags are woven of fabric stripes. the pattern is a zoom of the three basic techniques for weaving: plain, twill and satin. plain and twill hung at the center of copenhagen next to the marple church at the house

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+ + + + + the biennale for crafts and design 2013handwoven cotton, thread and carboard15 x 25 cm & 15 x 30 cmhandsewn patchwork a collaboration with artist martine myrup. an exchange of letters across the atlantic from denmark to canada with a reflective educational impact. the two makers have used each other’s textiles

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t-towel 2014100% cotton50 x 80 cmsimple weave one-off product-related objects where the weaving step into such a character that it almost dissolves again. the tea towels are made ​​of 3 cm wide strips of fabric. the color scheme is white and cobalt blue, resembling the classic chefs kitchen towel.

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